Business Outline

Connecting Hearts

We will aim to achieve a society in which everyone can live spiritually enriched lives by creating new value, using it and refining it with our customers. In this way, we will be "a Group that co-creating value for individuals, communities, and people's lifestyles." And placing importance on the bonds with each and every customer, as their partner we will share joy with them over their lives, and create eternal trust.

Prefabricated Industrial Buildings Business
Leveraging our extensive track record and know-how, we provide design based on customer needs and speedy construction of buildings that present prefabrication in an entirely new image, covering everything from the construction of temporary structures to public facilities such as hospitals and schools.
Further, we are actively injecting the vitality of the private sector into public facilities through the PFI and lease method.
Retail Facility Leasing Business
Through its LOC (Land Owner and Company) System, which pioneers land use possibilities, we match the needs of land owners with those of tenant companies and help lead business opportunities for both to a successful conclusion. We also develop commercial complexes, such as "BiVi" and "Frespo," throughout Japan.
Leasing Solutions Business
Daiwa Lease has leased over 17,000 vehicles to corporations, government offices, and other entities. Auto leasing contributes to business management by helping to streamline administrative processing and promoting more effective use of funds. Daiwa Lease recommends vehicles that are eco-friendly through its introduction of hybrid, electric and other energy-efficient cars.
Environmental Greening Business
Based on the idea of increasing the amount of green vegetation in urban areas, Daiwa Lease, in a cooperative program with business partners, is adding greenery to a variety of locations including rooftops, parking lots, building walls, and within rooms, and is producing environmental products.

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