A hydraulic lift completely raises the outer shell to create a two-story structure in about 260 seconds.

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The EDV-01 is built to conform to shipping container specifications, enabling rapid deployment through a variety of transportation modes.

  • The retractable double-shell design means twice as much space inside the unit.
  • The adoption of shipping container specifications enables the EDV-01 to be transported in an emergency by whatever means available, be it land, sea, or air.
  • All lifelines-including electricity, water, and communications-are self-contained, enabling two adults to live and work in the structure for a full month without the need to resupply.
  • No on-site construction is required. In addition, because no waste is left behind during use or upon removal, the EDV-01 is environmentally friendly.

Disaster can strike at any moment. Daiwa Lease Co., Ltd., a pioneer in the temporary-construction industry, has built countless temporary housing units over the years in disaster zones throughout Japan and around the world.

In building this extensive track record, we have learned a great deal. One such lesson learned is the critical need for frontline facilities that can be deployed rapidly and safely to provide emergency relief, shelter, and other vital functions under a wide range of on-site conditions.

To respond to this need, Daiwa Lease has poured its technical and social support expertise into a bold new program of research and development, building on its vast experience in temporary and prefabricated construction. The result is a prototype called the EDV-01.