Message from the President

Promoting businesses based on “Public Spirit.” Aiming at value-added creativity by means of amalgamation.

Since established as a member of the Daiwa House Group in 1959, Daiwa Lease has developed its businesses based on rapidly providing genuine quality products and services, and utilizing the capabilities of resources to the maximum extent while taking the global environment into consideration. We have been contributing to society in the four domains of “Prefabricated Industrial Buildings Business” that quickly supplies buildings, “Retail Facility Leasing Business” that pursues the possibilities of land utilization as a region-based developer, “Leasing Solutions Business” that includes the 2012 addition of our parking business, and “Environmental Greening Business,” whose aim is a society where people and nature can coexist. What we must aim for next is to develop projects that solve the problems and issues of society, as suggested by “Public Spirit,” which are the words of the founder of our group. I think these are tied to the creation of new values for society and the improvement of the value of our group enterprises. We need to respond to the changes of a diversified society, combine wisdom and innovation, and strive for value-added creativity through amalgamation, utilizing the strengths of the Daiwa House Group.The corporate philosophy of the Daiwa House Group is “to train people through our business.” What supports the growth of an enterprise is “human resources” with high aspirations and the ability to take action. Our activities stress the “three realities principle” of “seeing the real site, holding the real product in one’ s hand, and seeing and thinking about the reality oneself.” By thinking deeply through one’ s experiences and searching for the road to success, we stimulate the creation of values as human beings. Each individual executive supports “thoroughness in the ordinary,” which means thoroughly executing day-to-day work, and aims at further leaps by striving toward self-improvement. At the same time, they are working to nurture human resources that exemplify “public spirit” from a multi-faceted viewpoint in a rapidly changing society. With the group’ s management vision “Connecting Hearts” as a slogan, the group as a whole has a strong sense of mission and solidarity* to develop products and services that are needed in the world, as well as continuing to give recovery support to disaster-stricken areas.

*Solidarity: This means that everyone combines their power with their hearts as one.
From “Mozi,” a compilation of the thoughts of the Chinese philosopher Mozi.


Shunsaku Morita,President

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