Business Outline

Daiwa Lease provides products and services
that can fulfill our customers’ needs with four businesses as its pillars.

Prefabricated Industrial Buildings Business
We develop genuine quality prefabricated architecture, construction and sales of temporary prefabricated housing, and building and facility leasing businesses. We have prepared various business schemes for public-private partnerships through leasing, such as PFI, public facilities, etc.
● Prefabricated Construction
● Design-build Construction
● PFI Method
● Lease Method
Retail Facility Leasing Business
We consistently support the effective utilization of land, from planning proposals to building construction and operation management. We propose valuable land utilization that considers the advantages to both the land owner and the customer corporation.
● LOC System
● Commercial Facility Development
● Hourly Rental Parking Lots
Leasing Solutions Business
We provide services that respond to the needs of society from the viewpoints o f leasing, renting, and sharing. Starting with parking facilities and their operation, we are developing leasing businesses in the automotive, welfare, and environmental fields.
● Car Lease
● Car Sharing
● Self-Driving Type Multi-story Parking Facilities
● Care/Welfare Robot

Environmental Greening Business
We develop greening of wide areas such as wall surfaces and roofs, and leasing of environmental items such as energy-saving lighting etc. We promote greening and energy-saving strategies from the viewpoint of environmental conservation, and our goal is a society that coexists with nature.
● Wall Greening
● Roof Greening
● Exterior Greening
● Interior Greening
● Energy-saving Equipment
● Mega Solar

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